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     In the Philippines, AIIAS event raises interest in "topics of uncertainty and disruption.”

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     Andrews University event invites Adventists to not divorce the gospel from civil rights.

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     Project in partnership with Editorial Safeliz includes resources, study tools.

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     In health care settings, active listening and prayer can go a long way to connect.

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     Andrews University School of Social Work initiative will support churches, communities.

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     In Anchorage, Messiah’s Mansion sparks interest, follow-ups.

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     Event highlights the Adventist contribution to spreading the gospel across the Pacific.

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  The Bible makes it clear that the true source and seat of authority is in God. (Ps 83:18). As Creator and Lord of all nature and history, God has the right to exercise authority over mankind (Isa 45:22, 23). In Old Testament times God delegated his authority to certain people called prophets

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     Annual SAC North American convention brings a diverse group together for the three-day event.

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     Since 2010, the region has lost almost a million members.

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  A major focus of this newsletter is the discussion of the beast in Rev 17 in conjunction with the cryptic number 666. We have received so many questions on that issue that we felt compelled to address it. This article is longer than our articles normally are. It replaces both the Focus on

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     Victor Marley raised more than US$6,000 to support children’s education.

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