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     Callie Buruchara grew up in Maryland, United States, and has worked as a teacher and international service director. She is married to David Buruchara, a Kenyan business professional she met when they were both in college, and they have lived in Kenya since the end of 2019.

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     A story of faith highlights the importance of Maranatha to keep building God’s church.

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     Adventist agency is assisting some of those affected most by the pandemic.

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     A first-ever glimpse of Adventists who died in Vietnam

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     How will that happen?    I was born in Birmingham, Alabama, 100 years from the beginning of the American Civil War and five generations removed from slavery.

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     Hello, Friends!    I’m happy to greet you this week and share some exciting news! This weekend — Friday, July 3, and Sabbath, July 4 — is the worldwide launch of I Will Go — a personal call to action that every Seventh-day Adventist can embrace! And I want to

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