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     Ted N. C. Wilson thanks Adventists across the nation for being faithful amidst challenges.

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     Greetings, friends. Here we are, just beginning the new year, and recent shocking events have already forewarned us that 2021 may not be any easier than the year that has just passed. Things we thought not possible are taking place in full view of the entire world, warning us

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     In Denver, Colorado, church members, area pastors, and leaders band together in support.

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     Where does the Adventist Church stand regarding Christian nationalism?

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     "I Will Pray” event galvanizes young members across the Southern Asia-Pacific region.

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     Virtual meetings result in large audiences, baptisms.

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     An Adventist pastor shares her ordeal as she fought for her life.

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Download of Sabbath School Lessons, 1900

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     Project is a valuable tool to break down mental and physical barriers, leaders say.

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     An entry from the Encyclopedia of Seventh-day Adventists

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     When God is your custom's agent

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     How one Maranatha volunteer found belonging, healing, and faith while serving others.

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