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   In this section you can leave your feedback about the site. Perhaps you also have questions about the Bible, you can also ask them here and you will always get answers to them, as the site is visited by people who are serving in churches.

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     Resurrection power: Jesus wields it as He wills

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     Mary’s experience may also be our own.    What does emptiness look like? Can you touch it? How do you measure it? "Why does the feeling of emptiness occupy so much space?”1

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     Accepting the mystery of grace

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     There is One who moves insurmountable problems effortlessly.

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     Should you click the share button or not?

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     Things changed; then they didn't.

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     He is calling us to know Him more and know Him better.

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     The failures and dead ends of the last year festered within me. Months ago, I prided myself on my ability to "smile and pivot” — my fresh take on "grin and bear it.” Yet now, if one more person dared to praise my ability to go with the flow, I would surely lose my thin veneer of

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     What does freedom of speech actually entail?    "If you're in favor of freedom of speech, that means you're in favor of freedom of speech precisely for views you despise.” —Noam Chomsky

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     I noticed the wry of my smile after it happened. It wasn’t for anyone: I was alone. It came of its own as I read Margaret Downey’s public-alert e-mail announcement on the Mayday for Humanity event to be sponsored May 6, 2021, by the National Day of Reason.

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     The story of Christ’s birth exposes the impassable divide between the materialistic view of reality—the one philosophically foisted upon us by mainstream science—and the biblical view of that same reality. And though the biblical view encompasses the materialistic one, it is

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