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     This will be the fifth time that a General Conference session has been postponed, and the second time that more than five years elapses between sessions.

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     Rights of Blacks, women, fundamental to early Adventism

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  AT the Sabbath morning service, in the little meeting house on Van Buren Street, the preacher had said, " Only a few more years we have to labor and wait, and then our Lord will come to end our struggle with sin and bring in everlasting righteousness."

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  IN the days and weeks which succeeded the great disappointment of 1844, much confusion entered the minds of men who had hitherto been positively united in their ambitions and expressed hopes. It was a time when the guidance of God was greatly needed to clarify the situation, and so save

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  SEVENTY years ago those believing the truths of the third angel's message consisted of a few persons scattered through New York State and the six New England States. They were poor in this world's goods, but rich in faith. The few workers went when and where they felt the Lord called them.

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  MY first acquaintance with Seventh-day Adventists and the ADVENT REVIEW was made on Sunday evening, Sept. 26, 1852, when eight of us First Day Adventists assembled with a few others at a private residence, 124 Mount Hope Ave., Rochester, N. Y., the home of the REVIEW and its printers. There

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  IT seems fitting, in this special seventieth anniversary issue of the REVIEW, to recall in appreciative remembrance some of our honored pioneers who rest from their labors, and who, through unprecedented sacrifice and untiring labor, made it possible for us to have the REVIEW, and the great

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IN "Early Writings," pages 36-38, is recorded one of the first visions given to Sister Ellen G. White. The opening sentences read as follows: "At the commencement of the holy Sabbath, Jan. 5, 1849, we engaged in prayer with Brother Belden's family at Rockyhill, Conn., and the Holy Ghost fell upon

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  OUR day is full of peril; our message is solemn; our call is great and grave. Our conceptions, our state of mind, our. life, must be consistent with our day, our message, our call.

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     In Lebanon, the only Adventist university in the region vows to keep a legacy alive.

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     U.S. College View Church head elder says sorry for what previous generations did.

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     In Australia, academics share research, highlight the contribution of Adventist scholars.

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