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     A first-ever glimpse of Adventists who died in Vietnam

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     Church leaders agree that the in-depth resource strengthens faith and trust in God’s leading.

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     The encyclopedia allows us to learn more of Adventist history.

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     Following the trail of the first Pathfinders

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     The second advent movement was inseparable from the call to abolish slavery and grant equal rights to the oppressed.

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     Seventh-day Adventism was racially integrated throughout the first decades of its existence, a fact underlined by the recent discovery of a second African American minister who served the growing movement in the 1850s and 1860s. John W. West was born into slavery in Baltimore,

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     The story of Joseph Wolff

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     COVID-19 and the American Civil War

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     This will be the fifth time that a General Conference session has been postponed, and the second time that more than five years elapses between sessions.

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     Rights of Blacks, women, fundamental to early Adventism

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  AT the Sabbath morning service, in the little meeting house on Van Buren Street, the preacher had said, " Only a few more years we have to labor and wait, and then our Lord will come to end our struggle with sin and bring in everlasting righteousness."

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  IN the days and weeks which succeeded the great disappointment of 1844, much confusion entered the minds of men who had hitherto been positively united in their ambitions and expressed hopes. It was a time when the guidance of God was greatly needed to clarify the situation, and so save

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