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     During the magical summers of my childhood, I loved listening to Minnesota Twins baseball games on the radio. When the Twins played a day game, I’d sync my mowing schedule just right. When they played at night, I’d lie up in our loft with my transistor radio pressed tightly to

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     An Adventist pastor shares his experience during voluntary quarantine in Estonia.

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     A missionary serving in Malawi reflects on the experience of medical mentoring.

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     Are you willing to join the fight against the principalities of evil in this difficult era?

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     Every evening, Mihalec’s Facebook Live program reaches hundreds of couples in quarantine.

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     Making ethical decisions about the value of human life in times of crisis.

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     Academy students reflect on the blessings of a recent mission trip to Belize.

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     In a difficult territory, prayer and hard work are opening doors to the gospel.

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     Psychiatrist and medical director Luis Allen completed the World Marathon Challenge.

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     La Sierra University students find annual mission outreach trip inspiring.

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     Brief radio spot broke down barriers, made an impact in northern U.S. communities.

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     Inter-American Division church region initiative is making a big difference, leaders say.

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