What patients and personnel hear is helping them to cope, mental health experts say.

12-07-2020 74 0 Read more

     When a history field trip became part of history

12-07-2020 85 0 Read more

     A church leader in Asia reflects on the importance of discussing and praying together.

11-07-2020 61 0 Read more

     General Conference Executive Committee taps Ronnie Nalin and Boris Cardenas, respectively.

11-07-2020 55 0 Read more

     How Stephen Scheffler has helped to fight some of the world’s scariest diseases.

11-07-2020 65 0 Read more

     The Seventh-day Adventist Church’s General Conference Executive Committee voted Bryant into the office on July 9, 2020.

10-07-2020 148 0 Read more

     An Australian Adventist leader discusses intersections in the global struggle for equality.

10-07-2020 90 0 Read more

     Seventh-day Adventist Church in South America launches Portuguese 7Cast platform.

10-07-2020 114 0 Read more

     Adventists are helping Muslim immigrant and refugee women to learn skills and earn income.

10-07-2020 121 0 Read more

     Moving the gospel forward in Chile and Ecuador

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     Adventist musical group members strive to reinvent themselves during lockdown.

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     In-person church services were canceled, but the Holy Spirit kept working, a local pastor says.

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