As assistant, Samuel Girven updates social media channels and writes press releases.

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     Andrew Park is part of the organization’s leadership transition, board overhaul.

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     ADRA is assisting displaced persons after the December 15 quake and 170 aftershocks.

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     ADRA is assisting residents with emergency shelter repair kits, bedding, and medicines.

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     Church members move to assist others as they pray and mourn what they have lost.

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     Outreach at 2020 GYC Convention in Louisville, Kentucky, called a blessing by participants.

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     Support is assisting struggling fishermen after seafood sales fell an estimated 90 percent.

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     Former owner stopped smoking, selling alcohol, and was baptized together with his wife.

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     How ADRA is assisting a community in dire need in Kenya, no strings attached.

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     Volunteers assist affected communities in areas where fires are still raging.    Leaders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Australia have expressed their heartfelt sympathies for those affected by the bushfires currently raging across Australia.

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     At 2020 GYC Convention, an Adventist pastor shares a biblical take on an often overlooked topic.

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     GYC Convention encourages young church members to commit and to serve.

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