Church leaders acknowledge the new draft’s improvements but say more are needed.

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     Sometimes, doubting is part of the journey toward belief.

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     Adventist missionary magazine has a circulation of near 100,000 copies.

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     The case involves an Adventist man who was fired for refusing to work on the Sabbath.

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     Derek Sloan said he will strive to be "the best Member of Parliament he can be.”

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     She comes to the position after extensive experience in finance and auditing.

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     After Rebekah De La Cerna’s faith life was transformed, God moved her to inspire others.

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     This supporting ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church reaches another milestone.

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  OUR day is full of peril; our message is solemn; our call is great and grave. Our conceptions, our state of mind, our. life, must be consistent with our day, our message, our call.

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     Initiative seeks to increase the options for children and teenagers in need.

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     How a well-lit porch led a young man to new friends and a new kind of life.

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     Youth discussion club talks about how best to influence others for Jesus.

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