What Jesus said about worrying can help you navigate uncertain circumstances.

25-03-2020 153 0 Read more

     What does that really mean?

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     Church leaders issue a call to pray for those affected and for health-care professionals.

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     First residents test positive after a concert by Sandi Patty, who is fighting the virus.

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     Zagreb’s historic center affected, where several church facilities are located.

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     Though heavy-laden with history and theology, the 70-week prophecy itself, just the numbers, is quite simple.

21-03-2020 55 0 Read more

     In northern Cameroon, leaders help meet the feeding needs of former combatants.

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     Academy students reflect on the blessings of a recent mission trip to Belize.

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     Adventist humanitarian arm is assisting residents and members across the nation.

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     This will be the fifth time that a General Conference session has been postponed, and the second time that more than five years elapses between sessions.

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     Staying home to prevent the spread of COVID-19 can bring unexpected perks.

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     Regional church president calls members to come near to God and reach out to others.

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