Jesus invites us to live a life that faithfully points to Him and mirrors Him.

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     Seventh-day Adventist advocates are working to protect this vital human right within a culture that has grown skeptical of many religious freedom claims.

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     Trans-European Division advisory highlights leadership training of financial officers.

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     In southern U.S., first gathering highlights biblical and cultural elements of Judaism.

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     Adventists use music, natural medicine, and camping to bring others to Jesus.

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     At Union College, a wellness program is changing students, faculty, and staff.

05-12-2019 120 0 Read more

     "If you really want to know me,” the man said, "follow me.”

05-12-2019 150 0 Read more

     A conversation with Ginger Ketting-Weller, the new president of the Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies (AIIAS)

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     Attendees highlight strategies for reconciling their careers with their Bible-based beliefs.

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     Almost 1,000 families in Maryland receive Thanksgiving meals before the festivity.

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     Seventeen-year-old organizer says she wants to use the initiative to reach others for Christ.

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     In Lebanon, the only Adventist university in the region vows to keep a legacy alive.

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