"Our mission as a church is to serve,” church leader in the territory says.

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     Adventists have been on the cutting edge of technology to give the good news.

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     Inter-American Division church leaders affirm the group’s purpose in the church’s mission.

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     Instead of trying to find the perfect person, become the perfect person.

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     However sincere, even honest, the Soulphone folk surely are, sincerity and honesty don’t change the state of dead.

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     Caretakers tackle laborious clean-up tasks after third flood in seven years.

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     Ted Wilson meets the nation's president, visits Adventist institutions across the country.

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     When young people interact, neighbors see church as less threatening, leader says.

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  A personal narrative of her early life, highlighting some of her more important visions. The early life of Mrs. White as she wrote it, highlighting some of her more important visions. Made up of excerpts from Life Sketches, Early Writings, Testimonies for the Church, and general church

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     It shows changing diets would reduce greenhouse gases, land and water use.

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     A local church shares what it is doing to nurture and bring young members back to God.

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     AdventHealth initiative seeks to help fight distress and burnout among pastors.

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