At the Trans-European Division, a new book and film highlight missionary heritage.

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     Adventists welcome decision, thank authorities, and praise God for the outcome.

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     A powerful earthquake struck the country; churches and homes were severely damaged.

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  An Appeal to the Youth is a collection of letters written by Ellen White to her children, prior to the death of her eldest son, Henry, at the age of 16. These letters are an excerpt from the complete publication, which originally included Uriah Smith's address at Henry White's funeral, as

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  This book was the first Ellen G. White writing in the field of health after the vision of June 6, 1863. It depicts the perils of secret vice. It was reprinted by James White in 1870 in the book, A Solemn Appeal Relative to Solitary Vice and the Abuses and Excesses of the Marriage Relation.

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     Trans-European Division women in ministry retreat foster dialogue, fellowship, and prayer.

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     The move is saving thousands while protecting the environment.

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     Support of the initiative is attracting the attention of local residents.

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     In C?te d’Ivoire, Adventist Church president calls regional delegates to live out their faith.

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     The case ruling is a response to a claim by an Adventist member who had been fined.

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     Known as the ‘Brest Bible,’ it was translated and published in the 16th century.

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  Adventist homes can be a little bit of heaven on earth, if certain basic principles are followed. Like a chart to a sailor, this volume offers a reliable guide to those sailing on the challenging sea of matrimony. Counsel is offered on many facets of home life: choosing a mate, child

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