Breath of Life television ministry speaker/director Carlton Byrd led the series.

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     World Church leaders continue to ask for prayer for all those affected by virus

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     In Oslo, Norway, leaders hope the initiative will meet the needs of changing communities.

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     Initiative discusses ways of fostering healthy and attractive church communities.

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     Adventist school in Brazil reaches out to local prison with messages of encouragement.

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     Leaders encourage members to remain strong, faithful, and to keep sharing the gospel.

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     Despite some people’s best efforts, we as a church have not succumbed to this demonic ploy.

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     Adventist education leader calls graduates to give God all they have.

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     AdventHealth Orlando is the highest enrolling trial site in Florida, United States.

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     In a difficult territory, prayer and hard work are opening doors to the gospel.

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     "We are looking at history through the lens of the Word of God,” ministry president says.

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     Editorial team includes faculty from Andrews University and Southwestern Adventist University

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