Every one of us can make a difference.

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     Sometimes we overlook even the obvious.

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     Racism infects us at the core.

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     Family and prayer in trying times

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     Adventist agency is supporting 42,000 people across Europe during the lockdown.

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     Escrito Est? reaches an estimated 16 million homes between April and May 2020.

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     Seventh-day Adventism was racially integrated throughout the first decades of its existence, a fact underlined by the recent discovery of a second African American minister who served the growing movement in the 1850s and 1860s. John W. West was born into slavery in Baltimore,

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     School principal gives thanks for the chance to right any wrongs, says concrete measures will be implemented.

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     Live-streamed event offers recommendations to pastors and church leaders.

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     Special day brings attention to the plight of displaced people, leaders say.

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     What did forced homeschooling in a pandemic do for an educator and her family?

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     Across the Southern Asia-Pacific region, viewers pray for God’s ongoing protection.

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