The Hope & Healing Center is offering a path to overcome substance abuse.

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     Who are the "least of these”?

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     ?We all have dreams. Some dreams vanish as we wake up. But many dreams get us excited! It starts out as a thought, which, when meditated upon long enough becomes a goal, and the motive of accomplishment follows. Although dreams are good, the endurance to bring a dream to

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     Drive efforts seek to assist vulnerable people as a result of the ongoing pandemic.

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     Findings highlight the impact of early stressors on the immune system.

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     Maranatha is providing churches and drinking water to communities across Kenya.

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     In the Philippines, God’s Food Basket is reaching out to share the Lord’s provision.

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     Scientists at two Adventist universities join in revealing collaborative work.

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     Annual Day of Prayer connects 790 Adventist schools from Mexico to Colombia.

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     An article for women during Women's History Month

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     Holding classes has been difficult for remote students with limited internet access.

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     The journey of the Voyager 2 illustrates the power of the Adventist health-care mission.

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