Youth Leadership Conference (YLC) moves participants to devise new methods for mission.

03-03-2020 69 0 Read more

     GC Session plans are still in place, while world church leaders continue to monitor the situation

03-03-2020 53 0 Read more

     Case still moves the cause of religious liberty in the workplace forward, leaders say.

29-02-2020 87 0 Read more

     Brief radio spot broke down barriers, made an impact in northern U.S. communities.

29-02-2020 74 0 Read more

     Initiatives highlight the ministry’s commitment to providing new schools, churches.

29-02-2020 48 0 Read more

     Young leaders say they are willing to try new methods to share the good news with others.

28-02-2020 94 0 Read more

     Leaders say they’ll discuss improvements to better support those in need of mental health treatment.

27-02-2020 105 0 Read more

     Annual evangelistic seminars have resulted in a total of 8,000 baptisms.

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     Sex hormone may be responsible, but no significant associations found with cheese and yogurt.

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     Inter-American Division church region initiative is making a big difference, leaders say.

26-02-2020 69 0 Read more

     Inter-European Division leaders affirm the longstanding Adventist position on the issue.

26-02-2020 168 0 Read more

     Hundreds attend grand opening and dedication ceremony of new offices in Roseville.

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