AdventHealth Global Missions trips help health-care professionals to grow, leaders say.

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     What the ordeal of the Diamond Princess taught me about God’s love on the move.

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     Almost 150 health ministries and professionals attend the four-day event.

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     The most powerful argument in favor of any religion is how it improves the life of its believers.

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     Something central seems to be missing.

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     Bible reading programs, branch Sabbath Schools prove successful, church leaders say.

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     The visit was an answer to prayer for a church leader falsely accused of corruption, leaders said.

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     Weniger Society recognizes Richard Hart for his passion for mission and service.

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     In the U.S., the Lake Union Conference launches an abuse prevention project.

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     Retired teacher Greg Soules found his calling volunteering at Heaven’s Helper Soup Cafe.

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     In a partnership between AdventHealth and It Is Written, the CREATION Life Study Guides feature eight Bible-based studies for achieving optimal health.

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     Ways to avoid being infected

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