Hello, friends.

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     For decades, Barry Bussey has advocated for freedom of conscience and worship.

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     Understanding the why and how of hand hygiene.

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     First testing center in the country was built in just two days.

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     Seventh-day Adventists look to the coming of Christ as the great culmination of history and an end of all disease, suffering, and death. At the same time, we have been entrusted with the Adventist health message embodied in and expanded upon by the writings of Ellen White,

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     Walla Walla University and Adventist Health are partners in a Blue Zones community initiative.

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     What is the church to do?

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     Beacons of light in the South Pacific

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     Pastors Milijan Popvic and Gys Seegers will provide spiritual support to military families.

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     After two months of being closed, the facilities are up and running.

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     Beirut hospitals benefit while struggling with COVID-19 and the port explosion fallout.

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     Spiritual lessons can be found in unusual places

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