AdventHealth Shawnee Mission implements system to proactively address challenges.

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     "We are creative because God is a creative God,” R. Aileen Yingst says.

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     Staying still for too long is damaging to your health.

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     Young Quarantine Music is impacting lives with "peace, a smile, and reflection.”

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     Greater Sydney Conference sells office building as it waits for permanent headquarters.

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     Quadruplets share their current experience in Adventist university education.

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     Program for Hispanic and low-income young people helps them to succeed, leaders say.

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  There are five texts in the book of Revelation that include a time period covering 1260 days in one form or another. Two of these texts specifically utilize the phrase "1260 days” (Rev 11:3 and 12:6), two others the phrase "42 months” (Rev 11:2 and 13:5), and the fifth the enigmatic "time,

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Download of Sabbath School Lessons, 1919

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     Donations will be used to support new and ongoing projects in developing countries.

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     New Pathfinder option emphasizes acquiring tools to enhance Bible study.

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     We can help tidy up a messy situation.

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