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My dear friends!

   I cordially welcome you on the World of the Bible! With God`s help, we are trying to develop our ministry that every day the World of the Bible will bring real benefits to you. It is important that the site is user-friendly and you can quickly find the information you need. In addition, we strive to provide the site with all sorts of useful features and extensions, as well as offer services that are relevant to you.

   For all this to work, we need your participation! No matter how hard we try, it's unlikely to happen without you. Let's grow and develop with God's help together! Nothing complicated is required. It needs only your feasible participation in word and deed. Feel free to write your comments here. We read each message carefully.

   Also, I urge you to jointly pray that the Lord will grant to all of us wisdom, an open heart and mind, so that the site will in all things correspond to the will of Christ! As His will unfolds, through signs, events and through your messages, the World of the Bible will be updated and improved.

   We are waiting for your comments, ideas, suggestions and wishes. God bless you!

Yours sincerely Viktor.
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