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   In this section you can leave your feedback about the site. Perhaps you also have questions about the Bible, you can also ask them here and you will always get answers to them, as the site is visited by people who are serving in churches.

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     Can the church help? Some tips on how to converse with those who speak against COVID-19 vaccination.

25-04-2021 234 0 Read more

     What the recent explosions of La Soufriere taught me about our spiritual journey.

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     Even through great pain, life moves forward.

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     Royalty can take different forms.

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     Evidence for a designed creation and a worldwide flood is the focus of a new, popularly oriented book from Andrews University Press (AUP) intended for the college classroom and general readership.

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     ?How can we live on after the loss of a spouse?

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     Lessons from a stick of gum    This morning after I got home from taking my older daughter’s two children to their preschool, I burst into tears. A week or two ago I had told them they needed to be in the car and buckled up by 8:30 in order to get their reward for

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     Resurrection power: Jesus wields it as He wills

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     Mary’s experience may also be our own.    What does emptiness look like? Can you touch it? How do you measure it? "Why does the feeling of emptiness occupy so much space?”1

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     Accepting the mystery of grace

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     There is One who moves insurmountable problems effortlessly.

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