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I welcome you, my dear participants of the World of the Bible!

   The site needs your prayer and financial support! Every day the World of the Bible is visited by hundreds and sometimes thousands of people. The purpose of the site is to increase the people of God in faith, as well as preaching the Eternal Gospel. On the pages of the site visitors receive instruction, encouragement and consolation! Successful work requires time, as well as finance. Even your  small donation can save someone's life for eternity! The victim is the basis of the plan of salvation. Become a part of our team in this important business!

   When, how not now is it necessary to use all the possibilities of the Internet to preach the gospel of Christ? Your support will help the World of the Bible to provide visitors of the site with uninterrupted access to all the possibilities of the site - reading the Bible, teaching webinars, publications, interactive Christian communication and much more.

   The world of the Bible is a non-profit site, and it exists only through donations. The funds received are spent on:

  •  to pay for hosting on which the site is hosted
  •  to domain name renewal
  •  timely extension of the site engine, allowing to provide security, solve technical problems and expand useful functions of the site
  •  software required for service
  •  registration of necessary documents, advertising campaigns, attraction of specialists
  •  purchase of the necessary equipment and technical equipment of the site's employees, and much more.

   As you can see, there are a lot of needs! I am sure that the Lord will see that all needs are provided with donations. Depending on what opportunities the Lord will bless you, support the ministry of the World of the Bible. You decide how much to donate and how to do it. Whether to donate one euro, ten euros, several  tens or even more - remains on yours!

   Praise the Lord for everything! I wish you the most abundant blessings of God!

Administrator of the Bible World, Victor Chernousov

You can do this in the following ways:


RUB - R295559542196

USD - Z110323964590

EUR - E150705565508

WMU - U388865851142

WMG - G139816518459



You can list any amount by calling your heart and your possibilities.



It is also possible to transfer funds through the system:

CONTACT  -   Go to the site
MoneyGram  -   Go to the site
WesternUnion - Go to the site
Unistream - Go to the site
In all these transfers you need to contact me to get personal information.

   If none of these methods suits you, you can contact me by contacting:
   E-mail: admin@mir-biblii.ru
   Skype: veranika.viktor (The conversation is only in Russian.)
   Even a small donation on your part will help thousands of people learn about God and Christian relationships, find peace and salvation in Christ Jesus, our Lord.

   "…for God loves a cheerful giver” (II Corinthians 9:6).

Let God bless you!
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