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  QUESTION: What is the significance of the ark of the covenant?

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  QUESTION: One of my best friends committed suicide. Since then I have wondered what the Bible says about the topic.

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     QUESTION: Why did the Spirit manifest Himself in the form of a dove at Jesus' baptism?    ANSWER: There doesn't seem to be a generally accepted explanation for the use of the dove as representing the Holy Spirit. We are dealing with a question of interpreting a

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     QUESTION: How did Adventists arrive at the identification of the kingdoms represented by the symbols in the books of Daniel and Revelation?

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       QUESTION: Why did the Lord ask Abraham to offer his son as a sacrifice?    ANSWER: The text gives only one answer: the Lord was testing Abraham (Gen. 22:1). But why was the test necessary? The biblical context—in a sense, the full story of Abraham—is

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     QUESTION: If God knew Lucifer was going to rebel, why did He create him?     ANSWER: This is a question to which it is practically impossible to provide a definitive answer. This topic is not explicitly addressed in the Bible. Therefore, any attempted answer

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     QUESTION: Will rebellion and sin rise up again in the new earth?    ANSWER: The question you’re asking is not as simple as it appears. If the answer is no, then we would have to deal with the question of the freedom of the creature. If the answer is yes, then the

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     QUESTION: Is there any biblical evidence to support the idea that before Satan and his followers are destroyed they will acknowledge their sins and their deserved sentence?

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     QUESTION: A friend of mine tells me that all the benefits of Christ’s death were given to the human race when He died. This doesn’t seem biblical. Is it?

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